Lean certification Toyota. Certification 6Sigma Black Belt. Total Productive Maintenance

Implementation of Management Systems

  • Develop and implement Performance and Continuous Improvement roadmaps for multiple business units
  • Set organization and train it to lead the implementation
  • Drive the effort to achieve the business objectives and set targets

Training and coaching

  • Leaders, mid management and operators in Industrial Engineering methods
  • Black Belts and Green Belts in 6 Sigma certification journeys

Apply Lean, 6 Sigma and TPM

  • Lead and practice daily problem solving activities and Kaizen events
  • All the methods of stability, Just in Time and Jidoka. Pilars 1, 2 and 3 of TPM. Data analysis with Minitab. The completed DMAIC process (15 steps)

Optimus Consult helps industrial companies improving their Performance implementing Stable Production, in Continuous flow and maximizing the Value Added

Productivity through no waste. Stability and robust processes.