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Who are the users ?

The app is useful to all those who want to reduce the changeover times through SMED method (Single Minute Exchange Die) formalized and implemented by Toyota with Shigeo Shingo, consultant at JMAC at that time.

Therefore, it is for professionals and trainees in Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement like: internal and external consultants, confirmed Green and Black Belts, students and trainees.

What is it ?

Optismed measures and assess simultaneously the work of several Machines and Operators with just one smartphone or tablet. It is settled for SMED activities.


Have you ever thought how much lost time until you are ready to find solutions to reduce a changeover time through SMED!

You must record videos for often several changeovers, to download them into PC, breakdown in small pieces and copy into Excel file, get tables and diagrams one by one, summarize and make reports under Word and Power Point.
Lot of errors, delays and back and forth occur during a such a heavy process. And when 2or more Operators are working in parallel on several machines is often impossible to keep them together in the camera eye. Happy you found solutions to improve the C/O duration, you have now to start again the process in order to validate the gain!


In a sentence, you will spend much less time for the preparation for SMED application, The problem of measuring the operations of several Operators and Machines working in parallel is solved as the application provides multiple timers running in the same time

No more need to breakdown and copy in the Excel file as you have done it much faster into the application before starting the measurement And for future recordings of the same change, there is no need to repeat it because you reutilize the existing model. You really save a lot of time

List of main functions

  • Measure the time
    Measure the duration of several simultaneous operations of the changeover because there are several stopwatches available in the application. You can add or cancel any of the operators and machines working in the process
  • Memorize
    When saved, one measurement is recorded and kept in History, you can reach it later
  • Reuse a recording
    You can restart again the entire measurement of a recording kept in History
  • Make Template
    You can set the process of changeover before start the time measurement. You define operations and steps in a template
  • Reuse Template
    You can modify an existing template and reuse it for a new recording. This is very useful after different improvements of the changeover. You are not obliged to create a new Template from scratch
  • Get the Results : durations and workloads
    At the end of recording you get the total duration of the changeover and of each operator / machine intervention. You get tables and diagrams directly on tablet / smartphone
  • Export Results
    All the results are sent by mail in CSV and PDF format
  • Customization
    You can classify each operation into your own category, you define either they are Internal or External, you name each phase and define what kind of improvement could be applied. All tis information will be precisely reflected into the tables and the diagrams of the Results.
  • Take picture
    You take pictures without interrupting the time measurement
  • Record comments
    You can enter and record comments without interrupting the time measurement