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To whom and why?

This is the future of Operational Excellence tools

The app is useful to whoever wants to improve processes as Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement practitioners and trainees.

It solves the problem of current time consuming tools, by making the time study fast and ergonomic, and by showing the results automatically.

Improve your efficiency

Optiflow is the app counterpart of Work Sample and Cycle Time measurement methods used in Industrial Engineering.

Our app allows for a quick and easy measurement and analysis of Value Added and cycle times duration in manual and in automatic activities (flow of operations).

Adaptable to many processes – customization

Add and select your own categories of operations in addition to classical categories of muda already settled in the application.

You can add descriptions to the steps that you are already measuring. Take and save relevant pictures for any step that you measure. You can divide your process to be measured in cycles. The cycles could have either the same number of steps or not. And many other...

Save time, execute quickly

While the timer measures the duration of a step you can take notes and pictures. No more need to copy them, they are automatically saved.

The tables with results and the diagrams showing the value added are available as soon as you finish the measuring.

No more need to copy them, neither to calculate and create diagrams.

Measure the Cycles Time and Value Added when you want

Easily measure the duration of any operation or task, either manual or automated.

You can start on the spot or after setting the operations you want to study.

Set the Value Added and the categories for each operation

Get the results. Export Them.

There are three types of results:

  • Tables with the cycle times measured per operations and per cycles
  • Diagrams showing durations of Value Added steps and of other different categories
  • Calculations of average, median and standard deviation per step and category

Select to export them by mail in .pdf or .csv for later utilization and communication

List of main functions

  • Measure the time
    Measure the duration of an operation or activity of a process
  • Remeasure
    When you want to measure again the duration of a particular step of the process to study
  • Memorize
    When saved, one measurement is recorded and kept in History, you can reach later
  • Reuse a recording
    You can restart again the entire measurement of a recording kept in History
  • Make Template
    You can enter information about steps and process before a measurement take place
  • Edit step any time
    You can enter steps’ information during its measurement or at any other moment
  • Take picture
    You take pictures without interrupting the time measurement
  • Record comments
    You can enter and record comments without interrupting the time measurement
  • Summarize the Results
    At the end, you get tables with cycle times, averages, medians, deviations and diagrams of Value Added and balanced charts
  • Export Results
    The results are sent by mail in csv and pdf format
  • Value Added and losses
    You define the own Value Added in the process you want to measure and your own classification of operation
  • Measure the incidents
    When unexpected event happens, you can measure and record it without altering the main process