The digital tools of Lean and Operational Excellence

For years the identification and measurement of the waste (muda) has happened by the use of manual timer, pencil and paper.

The video recording allowed to capture more details. But both techniques take a lot of time and are not friendly: use the manual timer while noticing relevant events, rewrite everything in the Excel file, analyzing and getting graphs and diagrams of Value Added and waste.

This is also one of the reason why this kind of tools are not spontaneously embraced by people in charge of Operational Excellence and management.

But in present days, because they save time in the current high speed world, the new applications open a huge opportunity to accelerate the implementation of Lean, 6 Sigma and other Operational Excellence methods.

Optimus Consult operates in Performance Development, Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement.

Our ambition is to create and to employ new digital tools that facilitate the use of Lean and Industrial Engineering methods.

We promote the application of 6 Sigma and Lean approaches through new technologies.